Automation and its Types

Just look at a scenario where we want to submit our electricity bill in normal case what we do, we go to the electricity center and fill the form and then submit our bill in this situation the complete task is done by a human. But in our day to day life we don’t have that much time to do these task by ourself so here to overcome these situation the Automation come.

What is Automation :
When we remove or reduce the human intervention to complete a task is known as automation. In short, we can say that automation is “Minimal human intervention to perform a task.”

Types of Automation :
Basically we have three types of automation namely are

  • Fixed Automation
  • Programmable Automation
  • Flexible Automation

Now let’s understand all the automation-:

  1. Fixed Automation –
    Fixed automation is nothing but the sequence of various operations that remains fixed, and can’t be scheduled customized by the user this type of automation is mainly used in mechanical industry to carry out the desired job.

    In short, we can say that fixed automation is “A sequence of operations fixed by the system configuration”.

  2. Programmable Automation –
    Programmable automation can be used to change the sequence of any operation based on the requirements specified by the user. It has made it to the front end of the user interface by providing various operations to the user to edit the sequence as per the requirements.

    In short, we can say that Programmable Automation is “Ability to change the sequence of operation”.

  3. Flexible Automation –
    The automation type which has the property of both the automation Fixed as well as the programmable this type of automation known as flexible automation. Flexible automation has the ability to produce a variety of sequences that are not just limited to one static type of automation.

    In short Flexible automation can be defined as “Ability to produce variety of sequences”.

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