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Automating a Google Form Filling Task Using UiPath
  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2020

Data entry is a very hectic task. Let’s take an example we have an Excel(CSV) file and a Google form. And the task is that we have to fill that Google forms for each row/data present in that file. If we have 10 or 20 rows it’s ok for us to fill the form but take a scenario where thousands of data present in the file in that condition it’s very difficult to fill the form and also there are chances of errors. Maybe we fill the form multiple times for the same entry or might be we miss some entries. So in this type of situation, we can automate the task. 

So the below steps show how we can automate a Google form filling task using UiPath.

Step 1: Open your UiPath studio and click on the Process.

UiPath Studio

Step 2: Select a Name for your process and click on the Create button.

Select Name for the Process

Step 3: Click on Main.xaml and then search for sequence activity from the activity box.

Search sequence activity

Step 3: After selecting a sequence activity search for Read CSV activity and add it. Read CSV activity is used for reading the CSV file.

Search Read CSV Acrivity

Step 4: Provide the address of your file (CSV file) and set an output variable you can just go to the output section and click ctrl+k and provide the name after that just hit the enter.

Provide address of the CSV file

Step 5: Now add For Each Row activity, so we can process every row of CSV file one by one.

Each Row Activity

Step 6: Provide Input variable and set an iteration variable.

Set Iteration variable

Step 7: Now in the body of each row activity add Open Browser activity, so we can open our Google form in the browser.

Open Browser activity

Step 8: Provide the Google form link and add 3 “type into” activity in this example 3 because I have only 3 fields in my Google form but you can add as many according to your requirement.

Provide Google Form Link

Step 9: First make sure that your Google form opened in the background of your UiPath and after that click on “Indicate element inside the browser” and select the field where you want to type/ add data from CSV file. Do this step for all “Type Into Activities”.

Indicate element Inside the browser

Step 10: Now search for “Click Activity” and add it.

Search Click Activity

Step 11: After adding Click activity click on “Indicate Item from browser” and indicate your “Submit” Button. As we did in the previous Step. And then add the “Close Tab” activity.

Click on Indicate item from the browser

Step 12: Now our Process is Ready you just Run it and all the rows available in our CSV file they all are filled in Google Form one by one and no human interaction needed for that.


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