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Automatic Birthday mail sending with Python
  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2020

Are you bored with sending birthday wishes to your friends or do you forget to send wishes to your friends or do you want to wish them at 12 AM but you always fall asleep? Why not automate this simple task by writing a Python script.

The first thing we do is import six libraries: 

Apart from this, Also create an Excel sheet for containing records like this: Name, Email, Contact, Birthday, and Year


  • For the sending email part, We define a sendEmail() function which will start a Gmail session, send the email, and quit the session. 
  • For the SMS part, we must have an account on from where we will get an API key. This API key is used to send SMS over mobile numbers using your account on fast2sms then We create a sendsms() function which will verify the API key and send SMS.
  • In the driver code section, we read the data from Excel sheet and match today‚Äôs date with any of the birthdays. If there is a match, we call the sendEmail() and sendsms() functions and also we add the current year in the Excel sheet. Also, we have used ToastNotifier from win10toast library to show desktop notifications once the e-mail and SMS has been sent successfully.

Below is the implementation:


# import required packages
import pandas as pd
import datetime
import smtplib
import time
import requests
from win10toast import ToastNotifier
# your gmail credentials here
GMAIL_ID = 'your_email_here'
GMAIL_PWD = 'your_password_here'
# for desktop notification
toast = ToastNotifier()
# define a function for sending email
def sendEmail(to, sub, msg):
    # conncection to gmail
    gmail_obj = smtplib.SMTP('', 587
    # starting the session
    # login using credentials
    gmail_obj.login(GMAIL_ID, GMAIL_PWD)   
    # sending email
    gmail_obj.sendmail(GMAIL_ID, to, 
                   f"Subject : {sub}\n\n{msg}"
    # quit the session
    print("Email sent to " + str(to) + " with subject " 
          + str(sub) + " and message :" + str(msg))
    toast.show_toast("Email Sent!"
                     f"{name} was sent e-mail",
                     threaded = True
                     icon_path = None,
                     duration = 6)
    while toast.notification_active():
# define a funtion for sending sms        
def sendsms(to, msg, name, sub):
    payload = f"sender_id=FSTSMS&message={msg}&language=english&route=p&numbers={to}"
    headers = {
        'authorization': "API_KEY_HERE",
        'Content-Type': "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
        'Cache-Control': "no-cache",
    response_obj = requests.request("POST", url,
                                data = payload,
                                headers = headers)
    print("SMS sent to " + str(to) + " with subject :" + 
          str(sub) + " and message :" + str(msg))
    toast.show_toast("SMS Sent!" ,
                     f"{name} was sent message"
                     threaded = True
                     icon_path = None,
                     duration = 6)
    while toast.notification_active():
# driver code
if __name__=="__main__":
      # read the excel sheet having all the details
    dataframe = pd.read_excel("excelsheet.xlsx")   
    # today date in format : DD-MM
    today ="%d-%m"
    # current year in format : YY
    yearNow ="%Y")
    # writeindex list
    writeInd = []                                                   
    for index,item in dataframe.iterrows():
        msg = "Many Many Happy Returns of the day dear " + str(item['NAME']) 
        # stripping the birthday in excel 
        # sheet as : DD-MM
        bday = item['Birthday'].strftime("%d-%m")        
        # condition checking
        if (today == bday) and yearNow not in str(item['Year']):    
            # calling the sendEmail function
            sendEmail(item['Email'], "Happy Birthday",
            # calling the sendsms function
            sendsms(item['Contact'], msg, item['NAME'],
                    "Happy Birthday")   
    for i in writeInd:
        yr = dataframe.loc[i,'Year']
        # this will record the years in which
        # email has been sent
        dataframe.loc[i,'Year'] = str(yr) + ',' + str(yearNow)             
                index = False)

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