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AURP Fullform
  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2020

AURP stands for AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol. It is a routing protocol for Wide Area Networks (WAN). It suggests few improvements for the AppleTalk routing protocols. It allows connectivity between two or more local internets via foreign network systems to create WAN.

It consists of three major constituents :

  1. AppleTalk tunnelling.
  2. The transmission of routing information between various routers.
  3. Network information provided by a router to nodes or other compatible routers.

Features :

  • It is entirely compatible with AppleTalk Phase 2.
  • It only sends a routing table once and updates it in case of any changes required.
  • Security is provided in the form of network hiding and device hiding.
  • It provides tunnelling facility via Internet Protocol(IP) or using other networks.
  • Alternate paths are properly used via hop-count weighting and labels provided to backup paths for easy navigation.

Advantages :

  • Routing traffic on WAN is diminished since only updates are sent and internet clustering is used.
  • Large internets can be created due to the reduction in hop-count.
  • Numbering conflicts can be resolved by making use of remapping techniques for remote network numbers.
  • Internet storage requirements can be routed with the help of the internet clustering technique.

Disadvantages :

  • Since a networking hiding facility is provided by AURP, the nodes present on these hidden networks cannot access internet across a tunnel properly.
  • Since AppleTalk network numbers range from 1 to 65,279 the numbering conflicts arise between organizations.

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