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Atlassian Interview Experience | On-Campus FTE

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Round 1: Online Coding Round 

The first round was hosted on Hackerrank. It consisted of 3 coding questions to be done in 90 minutes.  The questions were as follows : 

  1. A number is encoded such that the number is shift by one position and concatenated by column for k times to generated an encoded number. Given the encoded number, find the original number. For example, for k=3 and encoded string = “5XX25X325132X13XX1”, the decoded string is “5231” . It can be demonstrated as follows :
  2. Given a number as a string, find the minimum number of parts the number can be divided such that each part is a prime number in the range of 1 to 10, 00, 000. The solution required dynamic programming.
  3. Find the maximum sum path in a tree from one node to another. Note : The path may or may not go through the root node.

Round 2: Technical Interview – 1 

The interviewer welcomed me into the room and asked me to introduce myself. He then asked me to tell about my project. I explained about node.js and how it enabled me to create a real time chat applications . They asked other question regarding its nuances. The interviewer then asked me a question related to backtracking. He then asked me what should I do if the stack memory overflowed. He was impressed when I said that iterratively solving the question by taking multiple stacks of my own and not using the system function stack would help us in that situation. He then asked me to iteratively solve the question. He then asked me some questions related to OS. 

This round lasted for a total of around 50 minutes to 1 hour.I qualified this round. 4 candidates were shortlisted for the next round. 

Round 3: Technical Interview – 2 

The interviewer introduced me to this round by saying that it was an open ended discussion. He started asking me about the work I did in my internship and what kind of technical challenges and decision making tasks did I have to perform. I recommend being very thorough with your project and internship work for this round. He had a lot of questions such as why I selected a certain dataset and which Neural Net was essential and what results did I get with other approaches. He then asked me a system design question.  He asked me “In my opinion, how do you thing whatsApp works”. I tried to relate it to my work using webSocket to make a real time chat Application. They appreciated my efforts and gave their opinions on how webSockets would be a heavy protocol and alternatively using options like XMPP would be a better idea. He also asked me on how the Google push notification system works and which Google application allows all of that to work. The answer was Google Play Services and the interviewer really appreciated the fact that I knew this and explained how our Android notification system works to me. 

This round lasted for a total of around 1 hour 30 minutes.It was a really great learning experience and enriching to me personally. 3 candidates qualified this round and I made it through to the final HR interview. 

Round 4: The HR Interview 

The HR interview was the final nail in the coffin. This round was conducted over Zoom video conference with a manager at a higher position. You are judged in this round if you comply with the companies major 5 principles and if you would be a valuable addition to the company. This round lasted for a total of 45 minutes. Questions like tell me about a situation when your team mates didn’t comply with your decision or tell me about a time when you had a disagreement with your project lead were asked in this round. Your work during your projects and internships are discussed from a managerial and decision making perspective and they try to understand if you are suitable fit for the company. 


At the end, 2 candidates were finally shorted. I was really happy and excited to be one of them. Atlassian is one of the fastest growing companies with a really good compensation and great work culture. It was a once in a life time opportunity to get into such a well know industry giant. For anyone else interested to prepare for Atlassian, I would recommend them to be thorough with their Data Structures and Algorithm (DSA) for the online round and use resources like GeeksforGeeks and LeetCode to prepare for them . I would also recommend to be thorough with what ever you have on your CV especially your projects and internship. 

All the best to everyone and I hope this was helpful.

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Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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