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Atlassian Internship Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2022

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Atlassian women recruitment drive for summer internship 2022

Round 1(Online Coding Round): The first round was hosted on Hackerrank. It consisted of 4 coding questions to be done in 90 minutes. The questions were as follows: 

  4. There was one more question from graph which i could not find online

Review- 1 easy 2 medium 1 hard

Round 2(Coding Interview): The interviewer welcomed me into the room and asked me to introduce myself. she was really nice to me and did introduce herself as well and told me about the flow of the interview. 

  • She then asked me a question which was: Given intervals such as (10,20), (5,16), (2,6) and you have to tell the number of meetings you could attend and return a boolean array of answers for ex- starting from the third slot you cannot attend the second slot as 5<6 so the answer array would be (true, false, true).
  • This question mainly emphasized on implementation and was pretty easy. I coded it on my own compiler and dry-run it.
  • She was satisfied and moved to next question:
  • I explained both question and the interview ended in 50 mins with the very basic question at end about if i have any questions. No cs fundamental or project discussion was done.
  • Every round was eliminatory as informed earlier and I got a call i hour later for my interview for the HR round.

Round 3(The HR Interview): Atlassian takes its values pretty seriously. I was rejected from the HR round. 

  • The HR just bashed me with bunch of situational questions and ended the interview in just 35 mins. 
  • Be prepared for HR round as much for DSA round because we generally take it lighly and yeah you get rejected. 
  • Realized it the hard way though but hope this article helps!!
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Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2021
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