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AthenaHealth Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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AthenaHealth visited our college located in Pune in the last week of September 2021.

Total 4 rounds:

  1. Coding and MCQ (Day-1 Morning)
  2. Technical interview (Day-2 Morning)
  3. Managerial Interview (Day-2 Afternoon)
  4. HR (Day-3 Morning)

Round 1: Coding & MCQ

90 minutes test. Platform: HackerRank

  • Two coding problems – difficulty: 1 easy (50 marks) 1 medium (75 marks)
  • 10 MCQs (5 marks each) based on basic data structures, quant aptitude, and logic, code output prediction, etc.
  • The coding problem was based on the caesar cipher decryption technique. Similar to this:
  • The coding problem was a problem originally asked by Apple in one of their tests. Refer
  • MCQs are easy if your basics are strong. Spare enough time for MCQs as there is a lot to read in every question.
  • In your technical interview, be prepared to answer questions related to these 2 codes.

Round-2: Technical interview

45 mins interview. Platform: HackerRank’s Codepair

Codepair is a platform for coding on a shared screen & simultaneously video calling. Understand how it works before giving an interview:

Questions: Emphasis on DSA and OOP

  • Brief introduction: emphasis on the tech stack
  • What is a data structure? Its types? Further questions were framed based on examples given.
  • Can stack be implemented using queue? What is the principle of the stack?
  • Why trees are needed? How are they traversed? (All 3 ways are expected) Why BST came into existence?
  • Difference between hashmap and HashSet (because I said I prefer java for coding)
  • How do I decide which data structure to use for a given problem?
  • Can I perform a binary search on a linked list? How linked lists work internally?
  • Do graphs have a defined structure? Example of real-time implementation of graphs. Explain graph traversals.
  • Dijkstra’s algorithm (logic and applications)
  • Asked me whether I know JIT compiler. Asked its explanation.
  • Questions on the logic used in coding questions of Hackerrank test. Asked why I could not pass all test cases of one of the problems.
  • Scope of variables – local and global. Questions on OOP, can’t recollect.
  • One problem statement related to the bitonic array was given on code pair, I had to execute and produce the desired output. Before starting to code, I discussed my approach and complexity. Panellist asked me to explain the logic I used in code, appreciated that I was quick.
  • The interviewer asked whether I had any questions. I did ask some questions about the work developers do at Athena.

Round 3: Managerial interview

65 mins interview. Platform: Microsoft Teams

Questions: Emphasis on Projects listed in resume and Internship work

  • Introduction – in this format×660.jpg
  • An in-depth discussion on projects I had mentioned on my resume, its tech stack. He expected me to explain the entire architecture and different modules of code with class names used.
  • Basically, every question in this round was a cross-question to the answer I gave for the previous question. Giving reasonable answers was the key.
  • Discussion on work I did in an internship. My role, learnings, challenges faced.
  • Some questions on java. How garbage collection works internally? Why did memory leaks happen? What data structure is used by java internally to create variables?
  • 4 pillars of OOP – in-depth explanation. Why multiple inheritance is not allowed in java? final keyword. Access specifiers. Abstract class vs interface. Why do interfaces exist?
  • The panelist was friendly and gave me many suggestions on the project. Also suggested I should do a professional certification course on Java.
  • How do you handle work pressure? How do you plan before starting challenging tasks? A situation where you learned from your mistakes. (Use STAR method for answering)
  • Lastly, one puzzle was asked, refer –

The interviewer asked whether I had any questions. I did not ask any questions here.

Round 4: HR interview

20 minutes interview. Platform: Microsoft teams

Questions: Emphasis on the emotional quotient and future plans

  • Introduction – include family background and native places.
  • Asked me how was my experience in previous rounds.
  • A situation where you faced challenges in any project, how did you handle it. Use STAR method for situational questions:
  • Why do you want to be part of AthenaHealth? (Do some homework about the company’s products and vision before the HR round.)
  • What are your principles in life?
  • Any plans for higher education?
  • Long-term plans 10 years ahead?
  • Do you have any other internship/job offer(s)?
  • Preferred work location? (Pune/Bangalore/Chennai)
  • The interviewer asked whether I had any questions. I did some questions here about work culture.
  • Panelist was very friendly throughout the interview, it felt like a casual conversation. In the end, she said, “If everything gets well, I’ll see you in the office!”

Finally, 5 candidates were selected for a full-time position, joining in 2022 as Associate Member of Technical Staff. I was one of them.

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Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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