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AthenaHealth Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual )

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  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020
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Day 1 :-

Virtual Preplacement talk , Time duration: 60 mins , Mode : Microsoft teams

Role : Associate Member of technical staff

Round 1 (coding test)- Online test (Coding/Mcq) Time duration : 90 mins , Mode : HackerRank

Coding 2 Questions:-

1- Meeting rooms (similar) : scheduling/ Like :- Meeting rooms 2 in leetcode.

2- Array Game (same): Given an array with n positive integers. We need to find the minimum number of iterations to make all elements equal. In each iteration all elements in array reduced by 1 except maximum element

They expert Optimal solution.

Mcq :- 10 Questions based on data structures , Database , About Rest Api

Day 2 :-

Round 2 (Technical round) – Virtual technical round Time duration :60 mins , Mode : Hackerank codePair

  • The interview was virtually conducted on HackerRank codepair platform designed for virtual interviews.
  • This round is like live coding (F2F) interview. Question on data structrues and problem solving, Interviewer asked to code reverse a string in different ways like iterative and recursion .We discussed the approach and time complexities , the interviewer was satisfied with it.
  • Then discussed on oops concepts in java , Interviewer asked all basics questions on oops like static ,final ,this keywords then encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism . how to make a class immutable. Interviewer asked to implement Multiple inheritance (Interface) in code editor , method overridding and method overloading
  • What is the difference between Abstract class and Interface in java
  • Now Interviewer went into database (sql) we discussed a lot ,Interviewer said to create some tables and asked some queries to write with joins, sub queries , having , group by etc.. (Its been like 6 to 7 queries)
  • Atlast just asked about projects.

Day 3 :-

Round 3 (Managerial round) – Virtual Managerial round Time duration :60 mins , Mode : Microsoft teams

This round is mainly based on your projects and resume . we discussed all of my 4 project in my resume. More question on my projects , we discussed about the bussiness logics and backend database more . here also i had more question on my database schema etc..

Then he asked some questions from data structures

  1. Difference between Arraylist and vector
  2. Difference between Hashmap and hashTable about time complexities
  3. Real-time application of Data Structures
  4. Linked List vs Array,stored%20randomly%20in%20Linked%20lists.

Then he asked about the problem statement of round 1 Questions and discussed my solutions .We discussed different possible approach and the time complexities and the interviewer was satisfied with it

Note: both interviews went very smooth . Interviewers were so friendly , you can freely discuss your ideas

Round 4 (HR Round ) – HR round Time duration :60 mins , Mode : Microsoft teams

After finishing my round 3 within 15 mins got a call from Athena team for HR round interview . This is the final interview . she asked about my hobby , area of interest and some technical questions on my project and resume , my certificates, my internships, my extracurricular activities, and skills, etc. . then family background check. then she asked “Are you comfortable with our locations ” . I said yes. No more question it just took 15 to 20 mins .

Finally Virtual connect with athena team and shortlisted students

Note :- Recruitment process went very smooth . All the Interviewers were so friendly , you can freely discuss your ideas . they expert you should me more strong in basics. it was a very nice experience and things went very smoothly . they made candidate more comfortable .


  • Competitive Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms
  • Be strong in DBMS and OOPS.
  • Don’t mention fake projects in your resume. Even if it is a simple project just have a in depth stand on it
  • practice programming on a platform such as GeeksforGeeks practice, HackerRank, Leetcode etc.

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