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Athena Health Interview Experience

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In Athena Health you can apply for anyone Development or Testing(QA) jobs.
1. The first round is for checking problem solving ability. It will contain some 10 questions and no negative marks.
2. The second round is coding . the questions for coding may differ for developers and testers. I am sharing the questions that have been asked for developers
  a. For the given sudoku find whether it is valid or invalid.
       There are three things you have to check.
          i) Check whether every row is valid if anyone is invalid print it as invalid row                     and the values corresponding to that row.
          ii)Check whether every column is valid if anyone is invalid print it as invalid                      column and the values corresponding to that column.
           iii)Check whether every square is valid if anyone is invalid print it as invalid                     and the starting and ending position of that square.
        Otherwise print it as valid.
  b. For the given sentence and 2 words find the distance between 2 words.(i.e                  number of words between those 2 words in the given sentence). If those words           are not present in the sentence then print as -1.

3. It is technical round, you will be having 2 or 3 members per panel and questions may be from database,object oriented programming,operating systems, linux commands and algorithm may be asked for problems
     a. Maze problem.
     b. exchanging the numbers opposite to each other in a clock. Replace 12 by 6, 1 by 7,2 by 8 and so on. The numbers may differ. not only 12 numbers. it should be exchanged depending on the number of elements given in the circular list.

4. Tech 2 contains again questions based on your resume and project.
5. HR about your family.

Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2014
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