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Athena Health Interview Experience for Associate Member of Technical Staff 2021 (Virtual)

  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2021
Geek Week

4 Rounds in total:

  • Coding and MCQ (Day-1)
  • Technical interview (Day-2 Forenoon)
  • Managerial Interview (Day-2 Afternoon)
  • HR (Day-3 Forenoon)

Round 1:(Coding & MCQ) TIME: 90 Mins

10 MCQ’s and 2 easy level coding questions.

  1. Given an encrypted string s and an integer k, decrypt each character of the string by finding the kth character behind it. Eg: str=kumar & k=3 then ans=hrjxo
  2. Given 2 arrays: availabletime of size n, processtime of size 4*n. At particular time that is in available time array, it can process 4 elements of processtime array simultaneously and time to finish a work is availabletime[i]+processtime[j]. Find the minimum time to find all the given works by assigning every availabletime to 4 processtime.

52 students were shortlisted after this round.

Round-2: (Technical Round) TIME: 45 Mins

  • The interviewer was very very kind and polite and I was feeling very comfortable with him.
  • At first, he told me to introduce myself. Then we discussed my projects shortly. Then he asked me the language in which I am proficient. I was comfortable with C++. Then he asked me about the STL I used in C++. I said about vector, map and set. Then he asked me some questions related to map, which was about accessing an element, erase the values in the map i.e there is a map<stud_id , cgpa> mymap. I have to delete the students who have cgpa<5 without any extra space. I used 2 map iterators to solve this.
  • He gave a block of code and asked for the output: int a[4]={1,2,3,4}; int *p; p=&a;
  • what will be output for the following: cout<<a++; cout<<p++; cout<<*a++; cout<<*p++;
  • Then he asked my favourite subject. I replied as Data Structures. So he asked me to print the reverse of the linked list in O(n) time without any extra space and should not modify the list. I solved it using recursion. Another question is to find whether the given value is present in binary search tree. It’s just a basic question and I told him the log(n) solution and he was okay with that.

Then he asked for 2 puzzles.

  1. Time to climb 30 feet wall puzzle
  2. Why manhole is round

After 1hr I got mail for the next round.

Round 3:(Managerial Round) TIME: 30 Mins

  • The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked for a detailed description of all my projects one by one.
  • He asked me some questions about reactjs, fetch API and REST as we used them in our project. Then some questions about DOM: What is DOM, What is virtual dom, how virtual dom works in react, etc.
  • Then he asked me about Triggers in DBMS.
  • At last, he finished with a puzzle: You are given 3 buckets which can hold 4,5 & 13 litres respectively. How will you have to fill the 13litre bucket with 7 litres?

My solution:

  • Fill the 4 litre bucket fully and empty it into 5litre bucket.
  • Fill the 4 litre bucket fully and empty it into 13litre bucket. (Now 5litre and 13litre bucket would have 4litres in them)
  • Now again fill the 4litre bucket fully and fill the 5litre bucket until its full. (Now 5litre bucket is full, 4 litre bucket will have 3l and 13 litre bucket will have 4l)
  • Now pour empty the 4 litre bucket into 13 litre bucket which would give us 7 litres of water in the big bucket.

Unfortunately, I was not shortlisted for the HR round

Atlast 5 students were shortlisted as FTE.

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