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Asynchronous serial data transfer

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  • Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2022
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In most computer asynchronous mode of data transfer is used in which two component have a different clock. Data transfer can occur between data in two ways serial and parallel. In case of parallel multiple lines are used to send a single bit whereas in serial transfer each bit is send one at a time. To tell other devices when the character/data will be given a concept of start and end bit is used. A start bit is denoted by 0 and stop bit is detected when line return to 1-state at least one time, here 1-state means that there is no data transfer is occurring. 

When a character is not being sent then line is kept in state 1. Start of character is detected when a 0 is sent. The character bit always come after 0 bit. After last bit is sent the state of line to become 1. 

The diagram below shows this concept:


Here earlier state of line was 1 when a character has to be send a 0 is send and character bit are transferred. 

Difference between serial and parallel transfer –

Require single line to send dataRequire multiple line
Less error and simple modelError prone and complex working
Slower data transferFaster data transfer
Used for long distanceused for short distance
Example:Computer to ComputerExample:Computer to Printer
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