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Aspiring Minds Interview Experience | R&D Engineer

  • Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2020

Position: R&D Engineer

Location: Gurgaon

I had an on-campus offer but due to Covid-19 my current company had put all the offers on hold. So I applied in Aspiring Minds through a referral from LinkedIn.

Online Assessment 1:

The test was conducted from home at AMCAT platform and it consisted of two coding questions:

1. Print all the distinct numbers in an array. 

2. You are given Q queries and every query ‘q’ a range is given i.e [L,R] and you have to print frequently occurring character in that range for every query. If in case there are two or more than two characters with equal frequency in that range you have to print the character in lexicographical order otherwise you have to print the character with maximum frequency.

Interview  Round  1:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • There was a discussion regarding my projects and internships. What all my frameworks i have used and what could i have done better in my projects.
  • . The problem was a modification of the number of islands problem.
  • There was a discussion regarding my Final year Project which is based on ML and DL. So there was discussion upon model architecture and what could have been done better.

Overall the interview was good and this round was fun. It was nearly 1 hour long interview.

Interview  Round  2:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • There was a discussion regarding my projects for nearly half an hour and what all technologies and framework was used. Different cases were discussed in respect of my project.
  • . For this question i told him the standard approach in O(n2) but then i had to optimize it to run in O(n) which i couldn’t do. The answer for that is KMP algorithm 🙂
  • Maximum number of superkeys possible in a relation.
  • what if my candidate keys are AB and BC what will be the maximum number of superkeys in that case.
  • Then there was discussion regarding my Final year project where he wanted to know the model architecture, what all were the different things i tried, what were the insights from the project, accuracy parameters, model training and more.
  • Dimensionality Reduction Techniques that I have used in my Project.

This round was quite grilling and i was continuously grilled for 2 hours. For the first time i felt like i was grilled in an interview.


It’s been over 10 days and i haven’t received any kind of status mail regarding the interview. This was highly unprofessional in these tough times. Overall my entire process experience was not so good. 

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