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I’m pursuing my final year in Computer Science engineering in a reputed institution. Companies started pouring in by mid- June 2019 and after few rejections here I was sitting in the pre placement talk of a company called Aspire Systems. Once the talk was over we were instructed to attend the various rounds in our respective halls.

Round 1: In round 1 we had around 15 questions from aptitude which included both quantitative reasoning and logical reasoning. Difficulty level was around average to high. This was followed by the challenging part technical coding questions each carrying one mark. The test lasted for around 45 minutes after which we were instructed to submit our answers to the respective coordinators.

Result of the first round was announced the following day and yes I was one among the 60 students who made it to the second round

Round 2: Round 2 was a technical interview session mainly focused on java. Testing of basics was the needed aspect here. This was followed by 2 coding question based on scenario for which we had to frame a code with minimum complexity.

The once who cracked this enters into the next and the final round. This was again a success for me.

Round 3: This was the final round where you are just one step away from victory. Round 3 was general HR where a face to face interview happens. Your interest, way of handling a situation and many other facts are discussed. Having a very good profile is an added advantage. They also check on how comfortable you are in facing a question rather than crumpling in fear.

After the HR I had to wait for the interview process to get over and it was time for the result announcement. I was confident yet the doubt kept lingering. Finally I was not wrong, I was placed.

Interviews are challenging but not difficult to crack. It depends on how much hardwork you put and how dedicated you are throughout the training period. So give your best and achieve what you seek.

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