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ASP Session LCID Property
  • Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2021
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The ASP Session LCID Property is used to set or get the locale identifier of a page that will be sent to the Browser. It sets or returns an integer that specifies the location or region contents like date, time, and currency of the region that will be displayed according to the location of a region. It is also known as local identifier Property. 



Parameter Values:  

  • LocaleID: It contains an integer value that represents a locale identifier.

Example: Below code demonstrates the use of the Local Identifier.


response.write("Default LCID is: " & Session.LCID & "<br>")
response.write("Date format is: " & date() & "<br>")
response.write("Currency format is: " & FormatCurrency(100))


Default LCID is: 2048
Date format is: 12/11/2001
Currency format is: $100.0 

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