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ASP Session CodePage Property

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  • Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2021
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The ASP Session CodePage Property is used to define a collection of characters that will be used to display the contents of a page in the Browser. Generally, the code page contains a character set that includes numbers, punctuation marks, and other glyphs. The CodePage property is read/write. This property is used to encoding a string in the intrinsic Object. The approach of Codepage is different in different languages. Some languages, such as Japanese and Hindi, have multibyte characters, while others, such as English and German, only need one byte to represent each character.

Following are some code pages:

  1. 1252 – American English and most European languages
  2. 932 – Japanese Kanji



Parameter Values: It contains the values i.e Codepage which defines the character set that will provide the dynamic contents to the page. 

Example Code:  




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