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ASP Request.QueryString Collection

  • Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2021

The ASP Request.QueryString Collection is used to get the value of the variable that will be stored in the HTTP query string from the URL. 

The  Query string is a part of the URL that begins with a question mark (?). Generally, it contains the information of the user. 

<a href= “geek.asp?txt=this is a query string test”>Link with a query string</a> 



Parameter Values:

  • variable: It is a required attribute. It defines the name of the variable in the HTTP Query String.
  • index: It is an optional parameter. It defines one of the multiple values for a variable. which varies From 1 to Request.QueryString(variable).Count


Example: Below ASP code returns all the values of the variable from the following Request Query String. 

The following request is sent:


for i=1 to Request.QueryString("x").Count
  Response.Write(Request.QueryString("x")(i) & "<br>")


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