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ASP OpenTextFile Method

  • Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2021

The ASP OpenTextFile Method is used to open a specified file. It returns a TextStream object that can be used to read, write and append contents to the File. It is an in-built function of the FileSystem Object. 



Parameter Value:

  • fname: Required attribute. It specifies the name of the file to be opened.
  • mode: It is an optional attribute. It specifies that how to open a file. It contains 3 constant values to perform an operation on a file. 
    • 1 for reading the contents. 
    • 2 open a file for writing the contents 
    • 8 for appending the contents.
  • create: Optional Attribute. It contains a Boolean value that specifies that whether there can be created if the specified filename doesn’t exist. 
    • The value is True if a new file is created; 
    • false if it isn’t created. The default is False.
  • Format: Optional attribute. It contains three constant value which used to define a format of a file
    • 0=TristateFalse – Open the file as ASCII. This is the default.
    • -1=TristateTrue – Open the file as Unicode.
    • -2 =TristateUseDefault – Open the file using the system default.

Example Code:  Below code illustrates that how to open a new file for writing the content


dim fs,f
set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set f=fs.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("GFG.txt"),2,true)
response.write("File is open for purpose of writing")
f.WriteLine("This text will be added to the end of file")
set f=Nothing
set fs=Nothing


File is open fot purpose of writing
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