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ASP OpenAsTextStream Method
  • Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2021

The ASP OpenAsTextStream Method is used to return a TextStream object by opening a specified file. It can be used to perform certain operations on the file.


FileObject.OpenAsTextStream(mode, format)

Parameters: This method has two parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • mode: It specifies the mode that a file is opened in. It contains 3 constant values to perform operations on the file.
    • ForReading (1): This opens the file for reading. The file cannot be written in this mode.
    • ForWriting (2): This opens the file for writing.
    • ForAppending (8): This opens the file for appending content to the end.
  • format: Optional attribute. It contains three constant values which used to define a format of a file.
    • TristateFalse (0): This opens the file as ASCII. This is the default format.
    • TristateTrue (1): This opens the file as Unicode.
    • TristateUseDefault (2): This opens the file using the system default.

Example: The below code demonstrates the ASP File.OpenAsTextStream Method.


dim fs,f,ts
set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
'Getting the file to be read
Set f=fs.GetFile("d:\GFG.txt")
'Opening the file as a text stream
'in writing mode (2)
Set ts=f.OpenAsTextStream(2)
'Writing some content to the file'
ts.Write("This is a GeeksforGeeks example")
'Closing the stream
'Opening the file as a text stream
'in reading mode (1)
Set ts=f.OpenAsTextStream(1)
'Reading the contents of the file
'Closing the stream
set ts=nothing
set f=nothing
set fs=nothing


This is a GeeksforGeeks example
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