ASP IsClientConnected Property

The ASP IsClientConnected Property is used to specify whether the client is connected or disconnected from the server. It is a read-only property.  This property is applied to the Response Object.

It enables you greater control over conditions where the client may have reset the connection to the server. For example, if a long period of time has elapsed between when a client request was made and when the server responded, it may be beneficial to make sure the client is still connected before continuing to process the script.


Response.IsClientConnected ( )

Example: Below code illustrates the ASP IsClientConnected Property.






 'Check to see if the client is connected.
 If Not Response.IsClientConnected Then  
   'Get the sessionid to send to the shutdown function.
   Shutdownid = Session.SessionID
 'Perform shutdown processing.
 End If


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