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ASP AddHeader Method

Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2020
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The ASP AddHeader Method is used to specify for adding a new named for the HTTP Header and provide and given a value to the HTTP Response. It is a method of a Response type Object. 

  • Once a header has been added then it can not be further removed.
  • This method must be called before any output is sent to the client unless the Response. Buffer is set to true.


response.AddHeader name,value

 Parameter Values: This method accepts two parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • name: It defines the name of the new header variable. The name cannot contain any underscores (_).
  • value: It defines the initial value of the new header variable.

 Return Values: This method has not returned any value. 

 Example 1:

<% Response.AddHeader "WARNING","Error message text %>


Example 2: Below code uses the AddHeader method to request that the client use Basic authentication.

<% Response.Addheader "WWW-Authenticate", "BASIC" %>

Example 3:  

<% Response.AddHeader "CustomHeader", "CustomValue" %>


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