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  • Last Updated : 25 May, 2018

Recent Articles on Range Queries

  1. MO’s Algorithm
  2. Sqrt (or Square Root) Decomposition Technique | Set 1 (Introduction)
  3. Sparse Table
  4. Range sum query using Sparse Table
  5. Range Minimum Query (Square Root Decomposition and Sparse Table)
  6. Range Queries for Frequencies of array elements
  7. Constant time range add operation on an array
  8. Range LCM Queries
  9. GCDs of given index ranges in an array
  10. Queries for GCD of all numbers of an array except elements in a given range
  11. Number of elements less than or equal to a given number in a given subarray
  12. Number of elements less than or equal to a given number in a given subarray | Set 2 (Including Updates)
  13. Queries for counts of array elements with values in given range
  14. Queries for decimal values of subarrays of a binary array
  15. Count elements which divide all numbers in range L-R
  16. Number whose sum of XOR with given array range is maximum
  17. XOR of numbers that appeared even number of times in given Range
  18. Array range queries over range queries
  19. Array range queries for searching an element
  20. Array range queries for elements with frequency same as value
  21. Maximum Occurrence in a Given Range
  22. Number of indexes with equal elements in given range
  23. Merge Sort Tree for Range Order Statistics
  24. Total numbers with no repeated digits in a range
  25. Difference Array | Range update query in O(1)
  26. Range Query on array whose each element is XOR of index value and previous element
  27. Find whether a subarray is in form of a mountain or not
  28. Range sum queries without updates
  29. Number of primes in a subarray (with updates)
  30. Check in binary array the number represented by a subarray is odd or even
  31. Array Queries for multiply, replacements and product
  32. Mean of range in array
  33. Print modified array after executing the commands of addition and subtraction
  34. Queries on probability of even or odd number in given ranges
  35. Products of ranges in an array
  36. Count Primes in Ranges
  37. Binary array after M range toggle operations
  38. Merge Overlapping Intervals
  39. Check if any two intervals overlap among a given set of intervals
  40. Sum of Interval and Update with Number of Divisors
  41. Print modified array after multiple array range increment operations
  42. Queries on XOR of greatest odd divisor of the range
  43. Queries for number of distinct elements in a subarray
  44. Count and Toggle Queries on a Binary Array
  45. Min-Max Range Queries in Array

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