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  1. K’th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array | Set 1
  2. K’th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array | Set 2 (Expected Linear Time)
  3. K’th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array | Set 3 (Worst Case Linear Time)
  4. K’th Smallest/Largest Element using STL
  5. k largest(or smallest) elements in an array | added Min Heap method
  6. Kth smallest element in a row-wise and column-wise sorted 2D array | Set 1
  7. Program to find largest element in an array
  8. Find the largest three elements in an array
  9. Find all elements in array which have at-least two greater elements
  10. Program for Mean and median of an unsorted array
  11. Median of Stream of Running Integers using STL
  12. Minimum product of k integers in an array of positive Integers
  13. K-th Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray
  14. K maximum sum combinations from two arrays
  15. K maximum sums of overlapping contiguous sub-arrays
  16. K maximum sums of non-overlapping contiguous sub-arrays
  17. k smallest elements in same order using O(1) extra space
  18. Find k pairs with smallest sums in two arrays
  19. k-th smallest absolute difference of two elements in an array
  20. Find Second largest element in an array
  21. Find k numbers with most occurrences in the given array
  22. Find the smallest and second smallest elements in an array
  23. Find the smallest missing number
  24. Maximum sum such that no two elements are adjacent
  25. Maximum and minimum of an array using minimum number of comparisons
  26. Maximum difference between two elements such that larger element appears after the smaller number
  27. Given an array arr[], find the maximum j – i such that arr[j] > arr[i]
  28. Maximum of all subarrays of size k
  29. Find the minimum distance between two numbers
  30. Find the maximum element in an array which is first increasing and then decreasing
  31. Count smaller elements on right side
  32. Longest Monotonically Increasing Subsequence Size (N log N)
  33. Find the smallest positive number missing from an unsorted array | Set 1
  34. Find the maximum repeating number in O(n) time and O(1) extra space
  35. Given an array of of size n and a number k, find all elements that appear more than n/k times
  36. Find the Increasing subsequence of length three with maximum product
  37. Maximum Sum Path in Two Arrays
  38. Find the closest pair from two sorted arrays
  39. Find the largest pair sum in an unsorted array
  40. Smallest greater elements in whole array
  41. Delete array elements which are smaller than next or become smaller
  42. Online algorithm for checking palindrome in a stream
  43. Delete array elements which are smaller than next or become smaller
  44. Find zeroes to be flipped so that number of consecutive 1’s is maximized
  45. Count Strictly Increasing Subarrays
  46. K’th largest element in a stream
  47. Find k pairs with smallest sums in two arrays
  48. Maximum difference between group of k-elements and rest of the array.
  49. Minimum number of elements to add to make median equals x
  50. Next Greater Element

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