ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency NET. ARPANET was first network which consisted of distributed control. It was first to implement TCP/IP protocols. It was basically beginning of Internet with use of these technologies. It was designed with a basic idea in mind that was to communicate with scientific users among an institute or university.

History of ARPANET :
ARPANET was introduced in the year 1969 by Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of US Department of Defense. It was established using a bunch of PCs at various colleges and sharing of information and messages was done. It was for playing as long separation diversions and individuals were asked to share their perspectives. In the year 1980, ARPANET was handed over to different military network, Defense Data Network.

Characteristics of ARPANET :

  1. It is basically a type of WAN.
  2. It used concept of Packet Switching Network.
  3. It used Interface Message Processors(IMPs) for sub-netting.
  4. ARPANETs software was split into two parts- a host and a subnet.

Advantages of ARPANET :

  • ARPANET was designed to service even in a Nuclear Attack.
  • It was used for collaborations through E-mails.
  • It created an advancement in transfer of important files and data of defense.

Limitations of ARPANET :

  • Increased number of LAN connections resulted in difficulty handling.
  • It was unable to cope-up with advancement in technology.

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