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Aristocrat Technologies Interview Experience | Experienced
  • Last Updated : 13 May, 2018

I got a call from HR of the company. She had seen my profile on

The following interview experience is of 4 years professional experience candidate.

Round 1:

Online test( from BrainBench ) of multiple choice questions. Questions were mainly on C and C++ concepts.

Mainly need to prepare polymorphism and STL concepts of C++ for this. Many of the questions were time consuming, so need to maintain speed while attempting.

Round 2: F2F Round

  1. Given an array of Zeros and Ones. Sort the array in 1 scan only.
  2. Detect loop in a linked list.
  3. Reverse linked list. Asked me to write both approaches, recursive as well as iterative.
  4. What is initializer list in C++. When should we use it.
  5. Detailed discussion on virtual class, vptr and vtable.
  6. What is smart pointer. When should we use it. Asked me to implement unique_ptr of my own.
  7. Explicit keyword.
  8. What are design patterns. Asked me to implement a singleton class.

Round 3: F2F Round

  1. Asked me to check whether a linked list ends in NULL or a ring. I told that I have been asked this question in last round. Then he said that he thought this is my first F2F round. Strange!
  2. Asked me which all design patterns I know. I told 4 patterns which I had used in my previous company. Then he asked me all of them theoretically.
  3. Given a deck of cards. Shuffle it programatically.
  4. Design a calculator. Design should be modular and object oriented. Detailed discussion on the design which I wrote for it.
  5. Asked me whether I play computer/video games. Which all games do I play. He wanted to check how much interest I have in games.

Round 4: Managerial Round with Project Head

  1. Detailed discussion on my previous company projects. He asked all the general questions like what do you think your biggest contribution was in your previous company.
  2. Asked me which all data structures I know. Then gave me the following question on trees:
  3. Count the number of leaves in a binary tree
  4. Asked me 2 simple puzzles on completing sequence of numbers.
  5.  Then he asked me to wait and told that he will send someone from HR.

Round 5: HR round

  1. She asked me about my notice period.
  2. Then mainly salary discussion. She was very aggressive on the salary negotiation part.

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