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Arista Networks Interview | Set 6 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2020
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Recently Arista Networks visited our campus for hiring interns and full timers.
Minimum CGPA required was 8.5.There were a total of 3 rounds.

Round 1 : Online coding round conducted on Hacker Rank(1.5 hours)

There were 4 coding questions and 5 MCQ’s to be solved in 90 minutes.

Q1 Remove adjacent elements from circular linked list if they are same.

     eg - Input - 1 1 2 2 3 4 1
            Output- 1 2 3 4 

Tricky part was that the last element is adjacent to first element in Circular Linked List
(Difficulty- Easy)

Q2 Print n’th (n<=20000) fibonacci number in hexadecimal form.
eg- Input – 8
Output – 15 since 8th fibonacci no is 21 it's hexadecimal is 15
Had to use string addition and division for solving it.

Q3 Given a string and numbers decrypt it and find pattern for encrypting other strings.
Pattern was like 158-a 157-b …. 133-z

Given – heab (151 154 158 157)
just observe the pattern

Input – abc
Output- 158 157 156
(Difficulty- Easy)

Q4 It was based on DFS and we were supposed to do topological sort.
Tricky part was to think that the question was to find topological sort.

MCQ's were based on C (pointers,dynamic memory allocation,etc)

Round 2 : FTF Technical Round (45 minutes)
1 Discussion on the questions solved and not solved in online coding round.
2 Asked about pointers and dynamic memory allocation in C.
3 Implement LRU Cache(Used queue)
4 Implement Web Crawler(Gave him a DFS based approach)
5 Asked about OOP’s concepts.
6 Given 6 digit no find duplicates in O(n) time and minimum space(He wanted an approach based on bit array).
7 Different types of scheduling algorithms in OS
8 How to implement a dynamic array(vector) in C
9 Memory layout of program(Stack Heap and other sections)

Round 3 : FTF Techinal and HR Round (30 minutes)

1 Print elements of BST in sorted order.(Inorder traversal)
2 Print vertical traversal of binary tree(Both recursive and iterative)
3 Store phone no in phone directory such that you can retrieve information based on phone numbers
4 Maintain k most frequently dialed numbers in a phone
5 Question based on trie trees
6 Given an array of numbers find no of subarrays that begin with 3 and end with 6
7 Display all running process in linux (use top command)
8 Difference between zombie and orphan process
9 Why do you want to join Arista??

Thanks GFG for being a perfect platform for practice.

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