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Arista Networks Interview | Set 3

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I had an telephonic interview with Arista Networks couple of days ago. To apply for Arista Networks (Internship) CGPA >=8.5, luckily i had. Here are the details of the company’s interview. 

Interviews were done using Shared editor and phone . 

Round 1 
1. Tell me something about yourself ? 
2. what do you know about arista networks ? 
3. output of given program 

void print()
  char s[10];
int main()

4. How you can check whether a machine is 64 bit or 32 bit ? 
5. Print number in reverse (descending) order in BST . 
6. Delete a node in DLL . 
7. struct hack , struct size . 
8. Do know backtracking algorithm ? 
9. What is DFS , BFS ,which datastructures are used to implement this then he asked me to print BFS,DFS of a tree(t) i don’t remember tree(t) . 
10.Define OOP in 4 sentences . 
11.Define Polymorphism . 
12.Merging of list or array is good for if they are sorted , algorithm for merging of two lists time complexity of this algorithm 
13.Following same question for array . 
14.Following same question for array having the property as one array have enough empty space such that one array can accommodate another one , as like we have a[100] and b[40]; now we can accommodate b in a, assume we have 40 empty spaces in a. 
15.sorting time of merge sort , heap sort , quick sort . 
16.Define max and min heap , search time of heap . 
17.Define Normalization in database . 
18.Difference b/w C and Java 
19.Do you have any questions ? 
Questions are not in correct order and some question may be from 2nd round sorry for that. 
Interviewer was very helpful . 

Round 2 
1. Tell me your interest subjects and grade . 
2. How will you implement phonebook such that we can search using first name? 
3. Following same question , How you will do if you have one more requirement as search with last name also ? 
4. Following same question if you have to search using phone number ? 
5. How can you show frequent calls list (list can have at most k items) for a phonebook ? 
6. Following same question , how you can solve if two or more calls have same count(and still maintaining k items only) ? 
7. Find duplicates in a file containing 6 digit number(like uid) in O(n) time . 
8. Implement bitArray in C . 
9. Why do you want to join our company ? 
10. do you have any questions ? 

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks team for building such an awesome site and platform for interview preparation. After 4 days i got confirmation that you are selected for Arista Networks, feeling awesome . 

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Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2021
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