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Arista Networks Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

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I applied to Arista Networks through the Placement Cell of my institute and everyone who applied received the online test link.

Round 1(Coding and Aptitude – Duration: 60 Minutes): Platform: HackerRank

The format was as follows:-

SectionNo of QuestionsTypeDuration
21Coding – Easy20
31Coding – Medium25
Total17 60

The MCQs were from core CSE subjects like Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Data Structures, and Algorithms.

The coding questions are as follows:-

  1. You are given two hammers type 1 and type 2. Along with hammers there are n wooden planks with varying strengths. The type 1 hammer can reduce the strength of any plank to 0 with a single blow whereas type 2 hammer can only reduce the strength by 1 with every hit. You can use type 1 hammer only k times. Find:-
    1. The minimum number of hits to break all the planks.
    2. Indexes of wooden planks that you would break using type 1 hammer arranged in descending order of their strengths.
    3. Number of hits by hammer type 2.

Round 2(Data Structures and Algorithms – Duration: 45 Minutes): Platform: Google Meet

This round was based on Data Structures and Algorithms. The interviewer asked me to open any online IDE I was comfortable with and share my screen.

The questions asked were as follows:-


The code was expected to compile and pass a few test cases given by the interview. She also corrected me wherever she felt the code was not fully optimized or there were redundant statements.

Round 3(System Design – Duration: 50 Minutes): Platform: Google Meet

We had a long discussion about the design of a URL shortener. It should have the following characteristics:-

  • Creation of new shortened URLs for a given and URL from the user.
  • Deletion of old URLs after a certain period of time.
  • The system should work in multiprocessor environment where simultaneous read and write operations may occur.

We had an interesting discussion over a variety of aspects that involved concepts of Operating Systems, Data Structures, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms.

At the end he asked a few basic questions related to C language about dynamic memory allocation and how to implement vector (C++ STL) in C.

Result: Placed

Last Updated : 03 Feb, 2022
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