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Arista Networks Internship Interview Experience for Software Developer (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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Arista Networks Internship Experience 2021-22.

It was open for CS, ECE, EEE, EIE branch, CGPA cutoff to apply for Arista was 8 and I was just lucky to apply for it as my CGPA is just 8+, almost 85 people appeared for the Coding round.

Coding Round:

  • The duration was 1.5 hours and it was conducted on Hacker-rank, consisted of 15 MCQs and 3 coding questions.MCQS were a mixture of CS fundamentals + Aptitude.
  • Coding ques were easy to moderate level, one was based on a string, Given a string and an int K, you can rearrange the letters and also erase some letters if required in the string and find the lexicographically largest string possible such that not more than K consecutive letters are same.
  • The second question was similar to count no. of subarrays in a binary string which has equal no. of ones and zeros along with the condition that all ones or zeros should be together. I don’t exactly remember the third question but it was based on sorting with the comparator and few manipulations in the array.
  • Only those who solved 3 coding questions and 10-12 MCQs were shortlisted for the next round.

20 of us were shortlisted, for technical Interview round1

Round 1:

  • The interview was a young guy with 5 to 6 years of work experience, after basic introduction he directly jumped to coding questions, so he started with a very simple question given a very large integer number you have to store each of its digits in an array in the reverse order, which could be easily done by storing the value of n%10 and then dividing n by 10 in each iteration until n>0, next question as we were given a hexadecimal number, first, we had to convert it to binary string and then find all the different ranges of consecutive ones, for ex- after converting hex to binary, the string is 11010111 so the answer will be [0,1], [3,3], [5,7], so I did this by basic two-pointer method in one pass,
  • The next question was the standard LRU cache implementation, I solved it with both methods one using arrays and other Linkedlist+Hashmaps, after this, we had discussions on HashMaps its implementation along with methods to resolve the collision, tho I only knew 2 of them linear and quad probing but he expected few more and then he asked me if I had any questions for him, so one suggestion here would be always attending the company’s pre-placement talk (which I never did) and get the basic knowledge about different domains the company is currently working.

10-12 of us were shortlisted for technical+hr round2

Round 2:

  • This was the last round and was conducted by a very senior guy, first, he asked me for my introduction and as I said I am from an electronics background he paused me there and started asking me about diode, PNP and NPN junction, LED and some other electronics stuff, I couldn’t answer these questions satisfactorily as I spent my whole last 3 months doing DSA and cs fundamentals, so he seemed to be disappointed with my answers, then he told me he graduated from IIT BHU in the 1990s in electronics as well, so he was fond of electronics devices and had in-depth knowledge about these things,
  • Then he asked me about the courses I did till now, he also spent some time talking about the humanity electives I did in my previous semesters and then proceeds asked me about some basic computer networks questions, I by hearted few questions of CN a day before the interview which certainly helped me, after this, he looked at my resume and asked me about my previous internship experience and few basics projects I made, after this, he asked me few behavioural questions and asked me if I had any questions for him, with this he wrapped up the interview after approximately 1hour15minutes.

The next day, the result came out and 7 of us were selected!

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