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Aricent Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2017
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Aricent visited our campus in Sep 2017 for hiring and I applied for the post Software Engineer. The recruitment process ended up in 2 days. It consists of 3 rounds.

Round 1: Online Test

The first round comprised of 60 MCQ questions including quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, C output questions, program jumble(These were not MCQ) and technical portions (OS, Computer Networks, SQL)(Test Duration: 1.5 hours).
There were few MCQs where you have to fit a set of instructions into a given place of the program.

Quantitative Aptitude and Logical part were relatively easy, the questions were more intuitive and not typical paper pen/formula based. They were not very difficult but were tricky.
Suggestion: I would suggest doing practice from sites like Indiabix as it will give the confidence to solve problems.

Technical aptitude quiz part covered questions from computer networks, operating system, data structures(specifical tree and Linked List),  SQL and few questions from C++(OOPs concepts). C output questions were also there.

Suggestion: I would suggest doing quizzes from geeksforgeeks to get in touch with all concepts of C and other subjects.

Tips:- Solve the questions with a calm mind. Don’t stress yourself during the test because you have to do 60 questions in 90 minutes. Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it in the first attempt.

Round 2: Technical Interview

After First round Results came after a day and I was selected for the next round. There were 2 Interviewers in the room. After a Normal introduction and tell me about yourself question He asked me about my favorite subjects. I told them about my favorite subjects C, DS, Algo, TOC, and Compilers.

  1. The first question was that He gave me a string expression and told me to make compiler binary representation of it. I made a ternary tree which then he hinted that it should be binary and I was able to rectify it. he went till DAG and all phases of the compilation process.
  2. The second question was from C, He asked me to compare sorting techniques and to explain how Heap is Linear sorting(As I told him that Careful analysis shows) refer MIT lectures on Heapsort for it. He was satisfied by explanation.
  3. few basic questions from OOPs
  4. Asked some questions from OS(Deadlocks). I was able to answer. Then he asked a question(I am not able to recall  it now) I was unaware of that term.
  5. how Python is better than Java(I told I don’t think there is a debate as Java is better in a different domain, Python in other so we can compare them for an application but as languages, I have no Idea.)
  6. Asked about my comfort in Computer Networks as I didn’t mention that earlier. I told them that they can ask questions I will try to answer. he asked about when I studied this subject and all and was not convinced at all. I insisted that he Should ask questions. he asked me to explain OSI model, then different protocols in different layers. I was able to answer them and was impressed finally 🙂

Round 3: HR Interview

After waiting one hour or so We got the results and I was selected for the next round as well. in HR again there were 2 people.

  1. Tell me about yourself(told)
  2. If we will send you Chennai will you go?(refused)
  3. you aren’t  willing to relocate, why should we hire you?(explained in not that convincing way as I was very nervous at that time)
  4. Rate yourself in communications.(me 7/10) then she asked 7 is very good communication(I explained why I rated this much)
  5. Do you have problem with Bond?(answered)

Tips:- Be calm & answer politely.

Finally, after waiting for one more hours, they declared the result and 21 were selected I was one of them.

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