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Arcesium Interview Experience Software Engineer (1+ year experience)

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Round 1 – Online Coding (HackerRank)

  1. LFU Cache Implementation with capacity c and key value pair
  2. Given a height of tunnel H and array for heights of cats, calculate minimum time taken by all cats to cross the tunnel. At one time only one cat can cross the tunnel, One cat can hope on another cat’s back to cross the tunnel. u is the time for single cat and v is time for lower height cat on back of a cat
  3. Sort array such that the sum of the output of all queries will be maximum. Each query will be sum of elements from i to j

Round 2 – Technical Interview 1 (Hyderabad Office)

  1. Discussion about current company and work that i do there
  2. Printing linked list with down and next pointer in level order
  3. Print all node at given distance from give node in a tree
  4. OOPS concepts
  5. Virtual memory and Paging
  6. Building C++ project steps and Compiler working

Round 3 – Technical Interview 2 (Hyderabad Office)

  1. Discussion about current company
  2. BFS – Given flights from various location, tell weather its possible to travel from one location?
  3. Dijiksta Algorithm?
  4. Deadlock conditions and how to solve it?
  5. Inheritance & abstraction?
  6. Parking lot design?

Round 4 – HR Interview (Telephonic)

  1. Why you want to leave your current company?
  2. Why Arcesium?
  3. Different situations and how you will handle them?
  4. What can be the reasons for you to leave any company?
  5. How much hike do you expect?


Last Updated : 24 Apr, 2019
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