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Arcesium Interview Experience | Set 4 (For Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2017
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Round 1: Test:
1) 20 aptitude question in 20 minutes.
2) 16 questions in 15 minutes.
3) 2 coding question. (a) To find minimum number of operations to form the maximum length palindrome string.

Round 2: Round 1 Technical interview:
1) Tell me about pointers.what is sizeof int *p ,and int **p and int ***p, and what is difference between them?
what does they represent? tell about function pointers.
2) Sorting of the stack. (Complete Code).
Tell the middle element of the stack in O(1) Time.
3) Tell about your project.

4) What is polymorphism ? what is inheritance? what is hash Map?How to implement Hash Map?
Examples of encapsulation, inheritance..(If Java is mentioned in resume)

5) Given the tree and integer value k. Delete all leaf nodes that have the weight less than the value k without using extra space.
(Weight is the sum of all data upto the root). There should be no leaf remained with weight less than k.

Round 3: Round 2 Technical interview :

1)Given two nodes of a tree, find if they are cousin or not?
2) level order traversal and pre order traversal of tree (write their codes).
3) Discover new technique of sorting.
4) Prototype of printf , malloc. malloc is defined or declared in malloc.h ?
6) What is max heap and min heap (definition)? Insertion in min heap? write the code of Heapifing the heap.
7) How to divide the triangle in 7 equal ares?

Round 4: Round 3 Technical interview:

1) quick sort, merge sort, and optimized code for merge in merge sort, and of partition in quick sort. And question based on both sorting types.

2) Implementation of DFS, BFS, SCC and other way of finding Strongly connected component of given graph.

3) Given two array containing positive and negative numbers. separate the positive and negative numbers.

4) Puzzle:
given n digit number such that at 0th position contain total number of 0 in number itself, at 1 th position contain total number of 1 in number itself. at 2th position contain total number of 2 in number itself . onward.. And finally the total sum of all digit sum must be n itself.
a) Find such 7 / 8 / 9 digit number ?
b) Derive some mathematical expression for value any n.

example :
for 4 digit number : 1 2 1 0
total number of 0 in number is 1, place 1 at 0 th position
total number of 1 in number is 2, place 2 at 1 th position
total number of 2 in number is 1, place 1 at 2 th position
total number of 3 in number is 0, place 0 at 3 th position
and sum of 1 + 2 + 1 + 0 = 4.

similarly for 7 digit number : 3 2 1 1 0 0 0

Round 5 : Hr Round :

1) Tell something about yourself?
2) Tell about your family members? and what they are doing? (brothers/sisters/father/mother).
3) Tell about your day to day life (Daily Routine).
4) Who is your inspiration person? what qualities do you hire from him/her? give the examples in current college life where you have shown those qualities.
5) Number of friends in your Friend Circle? what do you all day on week ends. what does your friend call you?
which quality of yours, does your friend like? and which does not.
6) what gives you motivation?
7) Hobbies and the extra-curricular activities from your Resume.

G00d Luck to all of you………………………………

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