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Arcesium Interview Experience | Set 3 (For QA)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2017
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1. Telephonic Interview (QA Lead Round)
Q1. Test cases for add to cart functionality
Q2. Sql query to find second maximum salary in each department.
Q3. What is Event viewer in windows
Q4. Diff between windows process and windows service
Q5. Find middle of a linked list
Q6. Java string mutability questions
Q7. Java client for hitting rest apis
Q8. How to use cookies in rest api

2. F2F Interview 1: (QA Lead Round)
Q1. How to perform database testing
Q2. Normalize a given table
Q3. Securtity test cases for a web application
Q4. Test cases for an api having request parameter as date.
Q5. Some conecpts of polymorphism.
Q6. Diff between hashmap and hashtable. what is synchronized keyword.
Q7. Some sql queries regarding joins, groupby and having clause.
Q8. Remove duplicates from an array in O(n) space and time complexity.

3. F2F Interview 2:(Developer Round)
Q1. Why rest apis are stateless.
Q2. Find Maximum width of binary tree
Q3. Design a parking system.

4. F2F Interview 3:(Developer Round)
Q1. Sort a stack without using another data structure or space. write test cases for it.
Q2. Java String question
Q3. Create immutable object in java.

5. F2F Interview 4: (Director Round)
Q1. Test cases for login functionality.
Q2. Print last ten lines of a file in most efficient way.
Q3. Detailed discussions around current testing framework.

6. F2F Interview 5: (Hiring Manager Round)
Q1. Test cases for mobile app.
Q2. Some other behavioral questions.

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