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Arcesium Interview Experience | Set 10 (Off-Campus)

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Round 1: Online coding round on Hackerrank
3 coding questions (Easy-Medium) in 1 hour
Those who did all three were called for the interviews at their office in Hyderabad.
Note Time complexity doesn’t matter. Don’t waste your time in making the optimum solution

Round 2: Technical Interview 1
1. Write a code to check whether 1 tree is mirror of the other.
I gave the recursive solution. Then they asked what will you do if you have limited stack space
and a huge tree. Gave the iterative solution.

2. Water in 3 jars puzzle

3. Trapping rain water problem Link

4. Discussion on working of TCP protocol. Was quite a lengthy discussion.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2
1. Discussion on how are hash tables built, collision resolution in them. Make your own hash table.

2. Puzzle: Help n people cross a bridge. Link

3. Puzzle: 9 balls puzzle Link

4. A variation of the subset sum problem Link

5. Stock maximisation problem Link

Followed by discussions about the current company, why you want to leave it.
Overall very friendly and chill atmosphere of the interview.

Round 4: Telephonic HR Interview
Normal HR questions like why do you want to leave your current company, willing to relocate etc.

Note Come prepared with all puzzles on G4G. Every interview will definitely have one. Other candidates
were also asked DBMS queries so come prepared with those as well. Best of luck and thanks GeeksForGeeks!

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Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2017
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