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Arcesium Interview Experience | Set 1

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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Recently this company visited our campus for software developer profile 

Round 1: 
It was a online test.It consists of 3 sections- aptitude ,MCQ of CC++, OS, DBMS, Networking and few of Java. These 2 sections were of 15 min each.The third section consists of 2 code. 
After this round 16 people were shortlisted. 

Round 2:(f2f Tech. round) 
The interviewer asked me following questions- 

  • Description of my DBMS project.They asked,how tables are related, linking between them, the necessity of tables in the project. SQL Queries on the project. SQL joins.Types of Joins.
  • What is the reason of having Multiple table in databases,why not a huge single table?
  • DBMS transaction, ACID property.
  • Indexing in DBMS.Why Indexing?
  • Why C++ is considered to advance then c language.
  • What is Structured Programming?
  • Discussion on Virtual function, Pure Virtual Function and Abstract Classes.
  • Can Abstract class be FINAL in c++. (ans:NO). What’s the reason.
  • Write a code for: Given Input: array1={1,7,3,2} Output: array2={42,6,14,21} without using division operator and efficient one.
  • What is hashing?
  • Write a code- Find 2 no’s in array whose sum is equal to a given no. then modified it for find a subarray in array whose sum is equal to a given no. in O(n) time complexity.
  • They asked about my c++ project.They asked either it was done under any summer internship or it is a real-time project made for any industry? I said i made this during my semester under the guidance of faculty so they didn’t ask much about it.
  • Explain Inheritance.
  • Diamond problem in c++.
  • What is Thrashing? How it is done? (while explaining the ans. they asked many related concepts of Memory management and virtual memory)
  • what is Page Replacement? How to choose which page is going to be replaced?

Do you have any Questions? 
I asked 3 questions 😀 

ROUND 3:(f2f Tech. round) 
They asked me about the subjects which were asked to me in my previous round. The interviewer asked me the following questions- 

  • Do you know Java? I said i m not comfortable in java.Then they said me to convince them to switch to c++ from java.
  • It was hard to do so because java is advance language then c++ consisting a huge set of advantages over c++.
  • Why is java platform independent? And how it is platform independent? And Why not c++ is platform independent?
  • C++ copy constructor?
  • Do Virtual Constructor exist?why or why not??
  • What is Virtual Destructor and why? Explain Free and Delete. Difference Between them? Assignment operator in classes.(default and Userdedfined)
  • Shallow copy Deep copy.
  • How is runtime polymorphism done? explain compiler step to step process?
  • Abstract Classes.


  • Find mid, reverse a link list and one other link list code which i don’t remember.
  • What is singleton classes.Write a code for it.
  • Given a huge database : Design a data structure for it in most efficient way with optimized result of operations.
  • Do u have any Questions?

Round 4: (H.R round) 
These guys were very nice. They made me very comfortable.The lady, Who took my H.R round,was very polite and she wished me belated happy birthday after seeing my resume. She asked me following questions- 

Tell me about Yourself. 

  • How was your Online test and other Tech. rounds. 
    She asked me about the second code of the online test which i couldn’t submitted successfully. She asked me did i got the solution for that code ?
  • What are Your suggestions for making a company/Organization populate among campus students?
  • What is your dream company?
  • What is the biggest challenge in life?
  • What are your future plans. Where do you see yourself after 2 years.
  • What is your goal.
  • Are you comfortable with the new locations of the company?
  • Do have any Questions?

Finally, i got selected. 

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