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Arcesium Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Round 1
The first round had 20 Aptitude MCQs (20 min) and 15 Technical MCQs (15 min) with +1 and -0.25 marking schemes. Aptitude test was quite big to be solved in 20 minutes. The Technical MCQs covered topics the included – DSA, Operating Systems, C, C++, Java basics. After this, there were 2 coding questions (45 min). Minimum cut off was set for each section.

Questions in The Coding Round: –


Given a number n, a, b, c1, c2 where n is the number of items in a shop 1….n. Now items having their indices divisible by a will be given c1 discount similarly items divisible by b will be given c2 discount. You have to return maximum discount a person can avail at that shop.

Given a starting string and an ending string and an array of words, you have to return minimum number of operations required to convert start string to end string such that you can change only one character of the string in one operation and all the intermediate strings formed should be present in the array. If no way is possible return -1.

Out of 120 students 12 were selected for second round.

Round 2
My interview lasted around 40 minutes. I was asked some basic questions on OS, C++, DSA etc.
First he asked me to write the complete compilation process in C++. Then he asked me about process and threads which lead to a discussion on File system in OS. Then he asked me about collisions in hash maps. Then he asked me to write code how will I copy a tree given its root pointer.

7 students were called for next round.

Round 3
My interview lasted for around 1.5 hours.It began with a discussion on whether JS is a compiled or interpreted language. Then he went straight to DSA.
He asked me following quesions.
1) Rotate a linked list
2) Array Rotation
3) Find indices of two numbers in a sorted array which add to zero.
4) How will you prime factorize a number.

4 students were selected for next round.

Round 4
It lasted for about an hour. First they asked me DSA questions.
Celebrity Problem
Unique Char substrings

Then we had a discussion on virtual memory and page faults.

Round 5
All 4 people had their HR rounds. It was for around 20 minutes. They asked general questions like why I wanted to join Arcesium and my interests etc.

After 5 hours results were announced. 2 people were selected. We were called and given T shirts and a bag.

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Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2019
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