Arcesium Interview Experience | Off-Campus (1+ yr experienced)


For Software Engineer role:

Round 1:  Online Coding Round (HackerRank)

3 Coding Questions in 1.5 hour time limit.

Q1.  Given a binary string , find the minimum number of characters in the string that have to be replaced in order to make the string alternating. ( )

Q2.  Some Graph related question which required simply BFS.

Q3. Given a string of lowercase chars and a dictionary having key-value pairs as character. Replace all characters in string (which are present as key in the dictionary) to their corresponding value OR Replace all characters in string (which are present as value in the dictionary) to their corresponding key . Foreg- if string is ‘abc’ and dictionary has pair  {‘a’:’c’}, then replace all ‘a’s with ‘c’ and all ‘c’s with ‘a’.


Round 2:  Interview – Technical 1

1.  Discussion about current company and current project that I am working on.
2.  Different Types of indexing methods in DBMS, asked in detail. Different scenarios asked in which each type can be used.
3.  Given array of strings, where each string denote a number, arrange them in a way that yields the largest value ( ). Modify code if array of integers given instead of string. Can we use hashing in above code and Why.
4.  Difference between hashcode and equals in Java.
5.  Asked a bit about scripting, compiled and interpreted language.
6.  What makes Java platform-independent. Brief discussion about how bytecode works.
7.  How Garbage collection works in java and if a program is Garbage collected too often, what would happen and how will you control it.
8. Asked a bit about college projects and then asked a SQL question, Find second highest salary of employee:


Round 3:  Interview – Technical 2

1.  A bit of discussion on MVC framework and concept of dependency injection and IOC (because of my projects on MVC).
2.  Given a directed acyclic graph with given source and destination nodes, find if there exists any path between the two given nodes whose length is exactly k (i.e number of edges should be k).
3.  Java OOPS concepts in detail.
4.  Difference between Comparable and Comparator in Java.
5.  virtual keyword in C++.  Polymorphism in java.


Round 4:  HR round

1. Tell briefly about yourself.
2. Why do you want to leave your current company?
3. What are your expectations from Arcesium?
4. Why teamwork is important. Give any two reasons.
5. Discussion on Expected compensation.

Finally HIRED !!

Thank you GeeksforGeeks for such for giving such an awesome platform to prepare.

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