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Arcesium Interview Experience (Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2019
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Round 1:Online Test comprising of

15 aptitude questions

15 coding mcq

2 coding questions

1. Implement lfu cache.

2. Given a board and ladders on the board at certain positions and a dice with 6 faces. You can climb a ladder if you are at starting position of ladder or if the starting of a ladder is in between the start and end of another ladder.

It was asked to give the minimum number of rolls required to reach the end of the board.

The aptitude was difficult and there was time limit for each section.

Round 2:Asked about how the online test was and then asked me about what all I know. I honestly told him that I don’t know OS and DBMS.

Then the interviewer asked me to do a question that was to find the next greater permutation of a given number.

Asked me a few concepts of oops like encapsulation and abstraction.

I answered his questions and then he asked me if I had any questions for him. I requested him to provide me with feedback so that I can improve in further rounds.

Round 3:The panel consisted of two people and they were very courteous as they offered me donuts as I had missed my lunch for the interview.

Asked me to sort an array consisting of zeros, ones and twos in O(n) time and one traversal of the array.

The other interviewer asked me to explain inheritance with practical examples.

Another question they asked me was somewhat similar to bottom view of a binary tree.

Nothing was asked about any of my projects as they were electronic projects(matlab).

They also asked me why I had applied  for software profile if I am from electronics background and also asked me give a brief explanation on my favourite electronics subject.

Round 4: What is comparative sorting and the time complexity of best sorting algorithm?

What is  Dft? (Electronics question)

Given k sorted arrays output a single sorted array.

Given a complete  binary tree populate the nodes with the X and y coordinate such that no two nodes have same x coordinate and the y coordinate is according to the height of the node.

There was a HR round for other candidates but I was sent back. I got disheartened and went back to the hostel but after an hour or so I received a call that I was selected for an internship at Arcesium.

Total 4 students got selected.

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