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Arcesium Interview Experience for Software Engineer Internship

  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2021

Preliminary Round: Shortlisting was done on the basis of GPA. Students above 7 GPA were shortlisted for Online Round.

Online Round: This round was on Hackerrank and it was divided into 3 sections :

Section 1: Aptitude Test, 15 Question in 20 min. Aptitude questions were a little tricky and lengthy. So instead of going sequentially, I scrolled through them and focused only on those which could be solved quickly. A negative marking of 25% was there in each section. 

Section 2: Technical MCQs involving OS, DBMS, OOPs, C++, Java-based questions, 15 Questions in 15 min. Technical MCQs were also tricky and required a thorough knowledge of the subjects.

Section 3: Coding questions, 2 questions in 45 min

  1. An infinite array of 0s and 1s is given where every element is representing the city.A city marked with 1 is infected.

    The city at index 0 is always infected. A city with index i has value on a given day equal to the xor of the values for cities with index i-1 and i for the previous day.

    Initially, on day 1 only city with index 0 is infected. Given the nth day, the task is to find the value of the generated binary number mod 1000000007 assuming that the initial city infected is the least significant bit.

    Sample Input:
    Sample Output:
  2. I don’t remember the exact question, but we could solve it by hashing. 115 people were shortlisted to give this test. Only 11 were shortlisted for round 2.

Technical Interview Round-1: This round was purely based on coding questions. The interviewer asked me two coding questions.

  1. A vector of intervals was given and I had to return the final vector after merging the overlapping intervals. The given intervals were not necessarily sorted.Practice problem link

    For example:

    Input: [[1,2], [2,6], [3,9]]
    Output: [[1,2], [2,9]]
  2. Find if two rectangles overlapPractce problem link

Technical Interview Round-2: This round was based completely based on DBMS and Java.

  1. OOPS, concepts were asked in detail with their practical application and code implementation.
  2. Difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction with examples.
  3. Difference between Aggregation and Inheritance with practical examples.How aggregation is implemented in Java and cases where the aggregation is used. He asked me to write code for all these cases.
  4. All forms of normalization with examples. He gave me different situations and asked what normal forms is that relation violating.
  5. He asked me to design a relationship between students, courses they opt, and the marks that they get in each monthly test of each course. I had to find the favorite course of each student which was the course in which the student got maximum avg marks. He asked me to design efficiently and write a query for this. He kept on changing conditions like what if the tests were conducted not on a regular pattern like there might be no tests in each month or there be tests conducted each day. So I had to make changes to my table accordingly and writes queries for every case.
  6. He asked me to design a hospital management system.

Technical Interview Round-3

  1. Majority Element

OS questions

  1. Fragmentation-Internal and External
  2. Paging and Page faults. He asked me how page faults can be reduced.
  3. Thrashing
  4. Mutex and Semaphores. He asked me to implement them and also he gave me different cases and asked whether this solution for solving the critical sections will work or not. I had to explain every condition in detail.
  5. What is the meaning of 16 bit and 32-bit processors?
  6. What is ram size is increased to the size of 1 TB?
  7. Different kinds Of Addresses OS.
  8. How negative numbers are represented. What is 1s complement and 2s complement?
  9. Project Discussion.

He asked why I used NoSQL database and discussed different edge cases and what I used to cover all those cases. Both the projects of mine were android related, so he asked me questions related to android also. This went on for 15 minutes. Finally, he seemed to be satisfied with all my answers.

HR round: This round went on for 20 minutes. Normal HR questions were asked.

  1. What are your two major learnings from your projects?
  2. What you do in college apart from studies.
  3. What are your hobbies?
  4. What you expect from us.
  5. What you know about the company.

Only 1 student was selected for the internship at the Hyderabad office.

The interviewers were very helpful. They made me very comfortable and interacting with them was a great experience. The interview experience was quite good, and they focused on all the core computer science subjects. Geeks for geeks was a lot of help to me as it helped me in my interview preparation and provided almost all content that was necessary for preparation. The interview was quite grilling and required in-depth knowledge. The process went on for the whole day. It was tiring but finally, when the results were announced, it felt like it was all worth it.

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