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Arcesium Interview Experience for SDE

  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2021

College: Tier 3 Institute

Previous Experience: 1-year experience in Product based organization + Internship (Product based organization)

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Mode: The recruiter reached out to me by mail

Company: Arcesium

Title: Software Engineer

Location: Hyderabad

Process: The recruiter reached out to me via mail to give a test for the Software Developer profile. There were 4 rounds including 1 Online test(HackerRank) + 2 Coding rounds + 1 HR

Round 1: Online Test

Test Platform: HackerRank, 60 min, 3 Questions

Difficulty level: Moderate

  • Max Product: Given an array with a distinct integer. Find the product of the max element in all the sub-array.
  • The troop of Cats: Cat needs to cross the tunnel as fast as possible. A cat can cross the tunnel on its own and can cross by carrying other cats on her back. Given time to cross the tunnel individually and with the cat on her back. Find the minimum time to cross all cats from the tunnel
  • Binary Tree related question (Hard and time consuming)

Round 2: DSA + Coding Round+OOPS

  • The interviewer asked about my background. I gave detailed info about me.
  • Then he directly jumped into a Coding question.
  • Given 2 2D matrices. Let’s say – Source and Destination. Perform the operations given below Convert a matrix to the given matrix (i.e., Source to Destination).
  • Can add 1 to full row or full column
  • Subtract 1 in a full row or full column
  • I gave the solution and tried to optimize it and wrote the code in code pair.
  • I am proficient in Python and gave Clear, Optimized code in Python
  • Many Java OOPS-related Questions.
  • Then asked me about the projects.
  • Then they asked me to make the complete architecture of my recent project. And, they asked a lot of questions about this.

Round 3: Again Coding, DSA, DBMS, OS, A 10+yrs Exp Senior Technical Member

  • Firstly, he asked me to introduce myself.
  • Then, he asked questions on my projects in my current company(Ended up discussing them for a good time)


  • Given the list of words and which can have Anagrams, Group the anagrams together and print them together. (required least optimized solution ) Practice problem link
  • Vertical order traversal tree. (Space and time complexity) Practice problem link
  • I wrote the Code in Code pair and explained the solution.


  • Design a database for a school management system, explain Table schema and Support basic operations on the System.
  • Entities: Teachers, Students, Subjects
  • Constraints :1 student can opt for more than one subject and 1 teacher can teach more than 1 subject (possible)

OS :

  • Question-related to Threads, process, Deadlock, how to avoid deadlock, Daemon Threads, Thrashing, Multithreading, Scheduling Algorithms, and many more
  • Overall, I was confident and I gave my best for every question I encountered for. (No regrets)

Round 4: HR Round

It was taken by the experienced HR.

  • Tell briefly about yourself.
  • Why do you want to leave your current company?
  • Basic HR questions.
  • Resume based questions
  • CTC Discussion: They tried to negotiate based on my current CTC.

Result: Selected  

Thank you GeeksforGeeks for such for giving such an awesome platform to prepare.

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