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Arcesium Interview Experience 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2021

Arcesium started an FTE pool drive for some selected IITs and NITs in June 2021. All the eligible candidates were shortlisted for the online test.

Eligibility criteria for online test :

  1. CGPA – 7.5 for CSE and 8 for ECE, ICE, and IPE.
  2. They also consider 10 and 12 standards marks for shortlisting.

There were 5 rounds in the selection process and I will rate the difficulty level of the selection process as a difficult one.

Round 1(Online Aptitude and Coding Round): This round was consist of 32 questions and the time duration was 80 minutes. 

There were three sections:

  • Aptitude section (consist of 15 questions and duration was 20 minutes).
  • CS fundamental section (consist of 15 questions and duration was 15 minutes)
  • The last one was the coding section which was consist of 2 coding questions and the duration was 45 minutes.

The aptitude section was really tough(time constraint), you must have a good grasp of Mathematics and Puzzles. CS fundamental section was of moderate level and have questions from OOPS, Java, DBMS, OS, DSA, and Computer Networks.

There was a negative marking of 25% for the wrong answers. And there was separate timing for all sections but if you solve a section early then the remaining time will be added to the next section. 

The coding questions were as follow :

  1. Practice link

I do not have an exact figure of the entire result but from our college, 36 candidates make the cut to the next round.

Round 2(Technical Interview): The interview was conducted virtually on Bluejeans platform, the interviewer was a Senior Software Engineer and he asked me to introduce myself and then ask me 2 coding questions. 

  1. The first one was this one. Firstly I solve the problem using O(N) extra space but he was only interested in constant space solutions, he does not allow me to even use recursion stack space. Finally, I was able to write the complete iterative solution. He checks my solution for some custom inputs and then checks for all corner cases, and he was very satisfied with my solution.
  2. The second question was an easy one that why he asked me to code the problem in just five minutes. The question was this one. I was able to write the code in the given time frame and the interviewer seems to be very satisfied.

Finally, he asked me to ask questions and I do ask about the work culture and tech stack over which Arcesium currently works.

The result was out and 22 candidates were promoted to the next round.

Round 3(Technical Interview): This round of interviews was actually a panel round interview there were two interviewers both were Senior Software Engineers. They ask me to introduce myself and then ask me about my internship and then there was a detailed discussion on my project. Then they ask me the following questions:

  • What is LRU and how you can implement it?
  • What is MRU and ask for real-time examples of MRU in practical life.
  • Ask me to write code for this problem.
  • How we can make search and insert operation efficient in Data Bases querries.
  • Various scheduling algorithms in Operating System.
  • She gives me some test cases and then asks me for the output (Project-based test cases).

Finally, she asks me one more coding question and the question was as follow:

  1. You are given N courses and M dependencies. If there is a dependency from course A to B then you can not do both courses in the same semester you can only do course B in a semester only if you have already done A in some earlier semester. The task was to find the minimum number of semesters required to do all N courses. You can enroll for an infinite number of courses in a semester just to take care of dependencies. 



N=3 and M=2
Answer will be 2. 
Do courses A in one semester 
and B and C in second semester.

I try to find the order of courses using topological sorting and then give various approaches to the interviewer to find the minimum number of semesters, but she does not seem to be satisfied.

Finally, she asked me to ask questions from them and I ask about the work culture and team environment in Arcesium.

The result was out and 4 candidates directly made a cut to the HR round, but there were 5 more candidates over which they have doubts, so they decided to take one more technical round to those candidates. I was one of them whom they have doubt.

Round 4(Technical Interview): Here again, the interviewer was a Senior Software Engineer with experience of 16 years. She asks me to introduce myself and ask me a coding question which was just a little modification of the minimum platform problem you can see the minimum platform problem here. But the actual problem was a variation of this problem.

She asks me one more coding question which was an easy one. You can refer to the problem from here.

I write the code for both problems and then she asked me the following question:

  • Difference between thread and process.
  • Can two threads access the same data at the same time?
  • Critical section problem
  • The solution to the critical section problem.
  • Deadlock and necessary conditions for deadlock.

Then she asks me the famous fastest three horses puzzle with a modification she wants me to tell the minimum number of races to find the fastest 5 horses. Since I had solved it for 3 horses earlier so I was able to extend my solution for the top 5 horses as well. 

Finally, she asked me to ask questions from her and I ask about her experience in Arcesium, and about current tech stacks.

So 2 more candidates were able to make the cut to the HR round so total of 6 candidates were promoted for the HR round.

Round 5(HR): She asks me about the previous round interview experience.

 Then asks me the following questions:

  • Educational background and family background.
  • Current location and problem in relocation.
  • Why Arcesium?
  • What do you know about Arcesium?
  • Do you have any current existing offers?
  • Difference between existing offer and Arcesium.
  • What is your Dream Company?
  • Who is your inspiration?
  • Do you like freelancing?
  • What is your plan for the day?

Finally, she asked me to ask questions from her and I do ask her about the team environment and the work culture inside the organization and then ask about the expectation from the freshers.

2 days after the HR round I got a call from the same HR person she firstly congratulates me and then says that they are giving an offer to me, truly speaking I was stunned and then I relax my nerves because It took some time for me to take a breath and realize that I am finally selected, believe me, nothing can be more pleasurable than it.

So finally 5 candidates get offers from Arcesium.

Tips: Try to write all codes neat and clean over the editor because the interviewer has to give feedback along with evidence to the HR team.

I would like to thank GeeksForGeeks for creating such an amazing platform for learning and turning our dreams into realities.


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