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Arcesium Internship Interview Experience 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

Company: Arcesium

Role: Software Development Engineer Intern(2months)

Eligibility criteria for online test: CGPA – 7 for CSE/IT and 8 for ECE etc. They also consider 10 and 12 standards marks for shortlisting.

Location: Hyderabad

There were 5 rounds in the selection process.


  • Aptitude section
  • MCQ section(coding and CS fundamentals(especially OOPs and JAVA))
  • 2 coding questions

15 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Interview Round 1(40 mins | DSA):

  • (given the grid as in first question,  find the count of distinct shapes in the grid)

I had given the optimal solution for both the problems and was able to write the complete code for the two. 7 students were shortlisted further(including me).

Interview Round 2(40 mins | DSA | Subjects):

  • We then discussed set and hashTable, their working (self-balancing BST, hash functions, etc).
  • We had a brief discussion on Indexing (DBMS) and all of it types, how and when and why is it used etc.

I was able to give an optimal solution for the problem and code it and also was able to give explain the other two topics. I was shortlisted for next round.

Interview Round 3(45 mins | DSA | Subjects):

  • Interviewer asked me to pick a project and briefly explain. He cross-questioned about the assumptions made and about all the features and calculations made.
  • He asked me about Exceptions(JAVA) with examples. He gave me a real-life example and asked me about the exceptions which may arise.
  • He asked me about threading(OS) and how can it create a problem and how to tackle the problem.
  • He asked me about MRU(most recently used page algorithm: OS) and about its real-life application.
  • Difference between abstract class and interface and examples for it and why do we use it.

He then asked whether I had written the complete codes for previous rounds and then gave me two basic coding questions. I was asked only for the logic and not the code (for both)

I was able to answer all questions and give an optimal solutions for the coding problems. I advanced to next round.

Interview Round 4(HR Round | 15 mins):

  • The HR chose one of my projects and we had a brief discussion on it.
  • Basic HR questions.

Finally, 2 students were selected. I was one of them!

Suggestions: Keep Calm! Practice!

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