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Aptitude | Mensuration 2D | Question 1

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Jack went to the garden for a picnic. He saw a board in the garden with the area of the square garden mentioned as 625 sq.m. He is curious to know what will be the area of a path of width 2.5 m around it if the path is outside the garden?


169 sq. m


200 sq. m


275 sq. m


400 sq. m

Answer: (C)


area of the square garden=625m²
therefore side²=625m²

hence, the length of the side of the square garden is 25m.
therefore the length of the path=25+2.5+2.5
total area along with the road=30×30
hence, area of the path=900-625
=275 sq m

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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