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GATE | GATE-CS-2015 (Mock Test) | Question 2

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021

The output of following C program is

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#include <stdio.h>
char str1[100];
char *fun(char str[])
    static int i = 0;
    if (*str)
        str1[i] = *str;
    return str1;
int main()
    char str[] = "GATE CS 2015 Mock Test";
    printf("%s", fun(str));
    return 0;

(A) GATE CS 2015 Mock Test
(B) tseT kcoM 5102 SC ETAG

(C) Nothing is printed on screen
(D) Segmentation Fault

Answer: (B)

Explanation: The function basically reverses the given string.

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