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Aptitude | GATE CS 1998 | Question 70

  • Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2017

Answer the following:

a.  Let G1 = (N, T, P, S1) be a CFG where, N= {S1A, B}, T= {a,b} and P is given by

         S1 → aS1b             S1 → aBb
         S1 → aAb              B → Bb
         A → aA                B → b
         A → a

What is L(G1)?

b. Use the grammar in part(a) to give a CFG for L2 = {ababl | i, j, k, l ≥ 1, i= j or k=l} by adding not more than 5 production rule.

c.  Is L2 inherently ambiguous?



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