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Aptitude | Assumptions and Conclusions | Question 1

  • Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2018

Consider the following phrase:
Statement: A line from Ram’s appointment letter is “you are hereby appointed as a systems engineer with a probation period of two year and your performance will be reviewed at the end of the period for confirmation.”

I. At the time of appointment the performance of one generally is not well known.
II. In the probation period one tries to prove his worth generally.

Choose the correct option given below.
(A) If only assumption I is implicit.
(B) If only assumption II is implicit.
(C) If either I or II is implicit.
(D) If neither I nor II is implicit.
(E) If both I and II are implicit.

Answer: (E)

Explanation: Both the statements are implicit, because they have to be tested performance over a span of time so Ram (systems engineer) tries to prove his worth generally in the probation period.

So, option (E) is correct.

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