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Apptio Interview Experience | SDE-1 for 2.3 years experienced

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Round 1: Coding  Round :

4 Coding Questions that need to be answered on pen and paper, 3 correct solution is selection criteria in this round

Question 1 :

Question 2 :

Question 3 :

Question 4 : Some question related to 26 alphabets and their counts

Round 2: 1st F2F Technical Round

Question on Projects, SpringBoot and Data Structures,   Internal working of HashMap and Hashset in Java, Question on String Literal, difference in HTTP PUT and POST,

Can we write put logic in get and get logic in put ?

What is Singleton Class ? Can we break Singleton Class ?

Round 3: 2nd F2F Technical Round

Toughest Round, Question on Projects, Transaction Management in Spring, Spring Mechanism, @Autowired, @Qualifier, @Query Annotations, basic question on SpringBoot, @OneToMany and @ManyToMany in SpringBoot

Question on Java Memory Allocation, Garbage Collection, Errors coming in API, difference in Error and Exceptions, String Literal vs String created by new keyword, Methods of Object class, Question on Hashcode and equals, Contract of Hashcode and equals, Thread management, Questions on wait and notify, Builder, Factory and Singleton Pattern

Print Even and Odd Numbers Using 2 Threads |

Round 4 : Hiring Manager Round – F2F

Easier than previous rounds, Director of Technology took the interview, Asked in detail about every project i’ve written in my resume and told details of organisation and future works.


After one day i got the call from HR that i was selected. Thanks to GeeksForGeeks for all Help 🙂


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Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2019
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