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  • Last Updated : 25 Mar, 2022

How to Solve Approximation Questions? Really look at significant Tips and Tricks

The quantitative Aptitude segment of the Banking test comprises a vital part called Simplification, Approximation. In practically all the bank and protection tests, you can anticipate 5-10 inquiries from this part.

So this turns into a vital subject according to bank tests viewpoints. With a smidgen of devotion and sheer practice, you can undoubtedly score full checks in this section in the forthcoming SBI PO, IBPS PO and RRB Clerk prelims test.

Significance of Approximation in Bank Exams?

  • You can expect 5-10 Approximation inquiries in each bank test, particularly in the prelims stage.
  • These inquiries are very simple to settle assuming that you have polished well on your Calculation speed.
  • You can settle every one of the inquiries within 3-4 minutes with 100 per cent exactness.
  • These inquiries can build your possibilities by clearing the test.

What is Approximation?

 An approximation is a cycle by which complex mathematical articulation are separated into less difficult structures by performing different numerical activities as indicated by the BODMAS rule.

in numerical expression, which incorporates division and multiplication of decimal values of huge numbers, it turns out to be very difficult to settle these expressions. thus, to decrease this difficulty we use Approximation techniques. in the Approximation strategy, we need not compute the exact value of an expression, yet we work out the closest Values (round off values). at the point when we use the Approximation strategy, the eventual outcome acquired isn’t equivalent to the specific outcome yet it is extremely close either minimal less or minimal more to the last result.


B →  Brackets 

O → Of

D → Division

M → Multiplication

A → Addition

S → Subtraction

Order of BODMAS Rule

Here are the ways to carry out the BODMAS rule in Approximation questions:

Step 1: Identify the brackets, start computation by solving brackets in this order (), {} and [] should be followed.

Step 2: Calculate the Powers and roots.

Step 3: Calculate Division and Multiplication (from left to right as both Multiplication and Division has the same priority)

Step 4: Calculate Addition and  Subtraction (from left to right as both Addition and  Subtraction have the same priority).

Rules to Solve the Mathematical expressions by Approximation:

Rule 1:

To solve complex problems, take the closest value of the number given in the expression. for example, 77.8 is round off to 78;

33.02 is round off to 33 etc.

EX1:  19%of (399.88/20X400)+30=?



Rule 2:

To solve problems with large numbers involved in multiplication, we can consider the approximate value of the large numbers by increasing or decreasing the round off values making the computation easy. for example, 239×111 is approximated to 240×110.

EX2: 192×397+560×5/7+729.80=?



Rule 3:

To solve problems with large numbers involved in the division, we can consider the approximate value of the large numbers by increasing or decreasing the round off values making the computation easy. for example, 6198.36/38.69 is approximated as 6200/40.



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