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Applied Research Works Interview Experience for Software Developer

Last Updated : 14 May, 2020
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Round 1: Aptitude Round(30 questions in 1 hour)

Round 2: Technical Written(Coding, DS & Algo, Puzzles 10 questions in 1 hour)

Round 3: Technical Interview

Here are all the questions asked in Technical written, coding and Interview Rounds.

1. Find kth largest element in O(n)

2. Find 5th last element in linked list in O(n)

3. Name all the stages of software development life cycle.

4.  Employee getting nth highest salary in SQL query

5. Find last index of a element in sorted list in O(log n) when duplicates are present

6.  Find presence of cycle in a linked list

7.  Find duplicates in an array in O(n)

8. Check for palindrome in a linked list



SQL query


10.  What is a transaction

11. Transaction concurrency problems

12.  Approaches to overcome those concurrency problems

13.Java :

Exception handling

Garbage college

Why platform independent


14. Tell about use of stacks in recursion

15. And explain using  factorial of a number with recursion

16. Try catch with nested catch which exception will be executed in a program they gave.

17. Final yr project explain

18.  Mention all types of data structures you know

19.Mention the sorting algos u know

20. Which sorting has best time complexity and quick sort vs Merge sort

21. Count total no of 1 that appears in numbers from 1 to 10, 000.

22. Program on checking some special kind of number.

Sum of factors of number = k

Sum of factors of k = number

Print all those special numbers in a range.

23.Design a cab rating system for both driver and customer with code to implement it.

Flowchart design

24. Design based question means ER diagram flowchart type design asked on college exam management system.

25. And time complexity based…..

Where they would ask about the time complexity of a program and ask to implement a better solution to reduce TC

26. And puzzles were asked which you can study from geeksforgeeks puzzle section.

27. They asked about trending cutting edge technologies and then blabbed terms like big data, AI, data science, Machine learning.

They asked like what idea you have on them

28. What are the  frontend and backend technologies used.

29. Asked about what all programming languages I know and how I have worked with them

30. And since I said I was doing testing in cognizant, they asked s bit on testing, my work in Cognizant and on automation xpaths.

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