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Applications of Real-time System

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  • Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2022
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Real Time System is a system that is put through real time which means response is obtained within a specified timing constraint or system meets the specified deadline.Real time system is of two types – Hard and Soft. Both are used in different cases. Hard real time systems are used where even the delay of some nano or micro seconds are not allowed. Soft real time systems provide some relaxation in time expression.

Applications of Real-time System:
Real-time System has applications in various fields of the technology. Here we will discuss the important applications of real-time system.

1. Industrial application:
Real-time system has a vast and prominent role in modern industries. Systems are made real time based so that maximum and accurate output can be obtained. In order to such things real -time systems are used in maximum industrial organizations. These system somehow lead to the better performance and high productivity in less time. Some of the examples of industrial applications are: Automated Car Assembly Plant, Chemical Plant etc.

2. Medical Science application:
In the field of medical science, real-time system has a huge impact on the human health and treatment. Due to the introduction of real-time system in medical science, many lives are saved and treatment of complex diseases has been turned down to easier ways. People specially related to medical, now feel more relaxed due to these systems. Some of the examples of medical science applications are: Robot, MRI Scan, Radiation therapy etc.

3. Peripheral Equipment applications:
Real-time system has made the printing of large banners and such things very easier. Once these systems came into use, the technology world became more strong. Peripheral equipment are used for various purposes. These systems are embedded with micro chips and perform accurately in order to get the desired response. Some of the examples of peripheral equipment applications are: Laser printer, fax machine, digital camera etc.

4. Telecommunication applications:
Real-time system map the world in such a way that it can be connected within a short time. Real-time systems have enabled the whole world to connect via a medium across internet. These systems make the people connect with each other in no time and feel the real environment of togetherness. Some examples of telecommunication applications of real-time systems are: Video Conferencing, Cellular system etc.

5. Defense applications:
In the new era of atomic world, defense is able to produce the missiles which have the dangerous powers and have the great destroying ability. All these systems are real-time system and it provides the system to attack and also a system to defend. Some of the applications of defense using real time systems are: Missile guidance system, anti-missile system, Satellite missile system etc.

6. Aerospace applications:
The most powerful use of real time system is in aerospace applications. Basically hard real time systems are used in aerospace applications. here the delay of even some nano second is not allowed and if it happens, system fails. Some of the applications of real-time systems in aerospace are: Satellite tracking system, Avionics, Flight simulation etc.

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