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Applications of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

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Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), as the name suggests, is an electronic or computer system that is used to perform all business tasks and operations. It helps all small businesses to manage and handle their business effectively. It simply handles processes like accounting, inventory management, sales performance, process orders, etc. 

It also records data, then creates reports on every sale and product that recorded data. In simple words, it’s an electronic way of allowing people to do payments online for goods and services. It increases the speed of the processing of business. 

One can keep records and handle all business performance from one place with high security. EPOS system is one of the smartest and most used software systems that is user-friendly also. It generally provides smart solutions to restaurant owners, retailers, businesses to reconcile accounts i.e. check and handle account-related problems. 

It not only increases and makes transactions faster, but it also records data on every single transaction, sale, and payment. After recording data, it syncs it to a cloud-based office suite. The cloud-based office suite is a productivity suite that allows people to work from worldwide at any time and one can know what is exactly going on in their business. 


Popular EPOS Software System :

  1. MicroBiz – 
    It is mainly used for inventory and retail management. It is a cloud-based mobile POS.
  2. Ebizmarts – 
    It is mainly used for email marketing, selling Magento products in retail stores. It does not let anyone checkout orders without any internet. One of the main disadvantages of Ebizmarts is that it can only run on iOS devices. It does not run on any other device.
  3. Magestore – 
    In this, payment can be done offline also i.e. one can check out orders without any need for internet.

Applications of EPOS :

  • It is a widely used software system because of its flexibility.
  • It also keeps data and records safe and secure.
  • Any problem that arises can be solved immediately without any delay as this system notifies whenever there is any problem or stock is not available, etc.
  • Users can pay any payment from anywhere using the internet.
  • It also notifies whenever there is a shortage of stock or goods that are in high demand.
  • The recorded information can be used whenever required.
  • One also orders online, sells products online, etc.

Other Application :

There are various fields can EPOS can be useful as given below as follows.

  • Online ordering
  • Recording sales
  • Recording track of sales and taxes
  • Account Management
  • Exact payment information
  • Customer Record Management
  • Record best customer details


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Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2022
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